The Engineering Center Education Trust

The Engineering Center Education Trust (TECET), a nonprofit organization, educates professionals, students, and the public about engineering and land surveying in the natural and built environment.

TECET Awards

The Engineering Center Education Trust Leadership Award


Each year The Engineering Center Education Trust  holds a dinner to support and  highlight the importance engineering plays in the larger community. It is in part through the net proceeds of this dinner that The Engineering Center Education Trust continues to make grants and raise awareness of the contributions of engineers to our society. The Engineering Center Education Trust Leadership Award is presented at this annual event to outstanding leader in the areas of planning, designing, constructing and maintaining our built environment.

By honoring these leaders The Engineering Center Education Trust brings their great accomplishments and talents to the attention of the community. Their great achievements will inspire the engineers and surveyors of the future.

The intent of the Leadership Award is twofold. To recognize and honor the men and women who improve daily lives with their visions and dedication to their fields, and to demonstrate the endless possibilities of the future to the young men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Award Recipients
December 3, 1998 Dr. Harl P. Aldrich, Jr.
December 3, 1998 Charles "Hank" Spaulding
January 25, 2000 Douglas B. MacDonald
February 13, 2001 Charles A. Parthum
February 13, 2001 Leo F. Peters
February 13, 2001 Robert W. Foster
February 13, 2001 Gunther H. Greulich
March 6, 2002 Frederick P. Salvucci
February 19, 2003 Norman B. Leventhal
April 13, 2004 Gloria Cordes Larson, Esq.
April 28, 2005 Dr. Charles M. Vest
May 8, 2006 Michael P. Lewis
May 2, 2007 David B. Perini

May 7, 2008 Andrew H. Card, Jr.

May 6, 2009 Thomas J. Kinton, Jr.

May 12, 2010 Michael S. Dukakis

May 25, 2011: Jane F. Garvey

February 8, 2012: Peter Meade

February 4, 2013: Mike Capuano

February 26, 2014: Anthony Pangaro

April 29, 2015: Joseph F. Fallon

November 10, 2015: Christopher Gordon

November 10, 2015: Luisa Paiewonsky

November 10, 2015: Robert Brustlin
November 10, 2015: Science Club for Girls


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