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New England ITS is one of 20 regional chapters formed to encourage greater participation in ITS activities at both the state and local level. It provides a grassroots outlet for information exchange with ITS America on major program issues and serves as a private/public/academic forum to focus on ITS deployment. New England ITS is a non-profit, non-partisan, broadly based coalition of business, labor, institutions of academia, and public agencies - all concerned with the improvement of intermodal surface transportation in Massachusetts.

What is ITS?

The National Intelligent Transportation Systems program is focused on the development and deployment of "user services," the individual tools used by travelers and transportation providers. Twenty-nine user services have been defined as part of the national program planning process. The users of a particular service will vary and could include travelers of any mode, operators of transportation management centers, transit operators, metropolitan planning organizations, commercial vehicle owners and operators, state and local governments, and many others who ultimately may take advantage of ITS. ITS user services are in various stages of development and will be deployed according to different schedules.

ITS Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a solid foundation to support the development and deployment of ITS technologies. Many of the most successful high tech companies have established a strong presence in this area. Various public transportation technologies have made a commitment to utilize intelligent transportation technologies. Some of the most prominent universities in the country are located in this region. The region is well positioned to make a significant contribution to the ITS field.


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