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13th Massachusetts Construction Career Day (MassCCD)
May 7, 2015
New England Laborers' Training Academy, Hopkinton, MA

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Welcome to the Massachusetts Construction Career Day (MassCCD) web site.  Now in its 13th year, the MassCCD event was created to help address a shortage of young, qualified workers in the construction industry by educating high school students about the many rewarding and high salary career opportunities available. This event appeals to a wide range of students’ interests including math, specific trades, mechanics, engineering and sciences.  Students learn about industry careers by interacting with seasoned professionals and participating in hands-on experiences throughout the event.  They are also provided with college, trade school, and certificate program, and resource information that will help them make their career decisions.

MassCCD is made possible through a unique public/private partnership between federal and state government, industry associations, and labor unions.  For our 13th year, we are pleased to announce an exciting, innovative, and tailored event – from the students who attend to activities that will help them to decide their career paths.   

This year’s event will be an intense one-day learning experience for 620 Massachusetts high school students who have demonstrated an interest in engineering or the construction trades. 

Half of these are vocational technical high school students, currently enrolled in the new Massachusetts Construction Career Development Program that is being piloted in conjunction with the MassCCD event.  The other half, are Massachusetts high school students from across the Commonwealth. 

The new program format will provide students with hands-on opportunities to rotate through a variety of in-depth construction activities designed by our trade partners and based upon the day’s “Building A Bridge” theme.  Activities including digging a trench, using pavement breakers for demolition, welding, cutting and burning, form work, surveying, painting and tying rebar.

MassCCD Exhibitors are also a key element to the student’s learning and the day’s success.  They include construction and related companies, vendors, equipment dealers, labor unions, apprenticeship programs, colleges and other educational and skills-building organizations. Exhibitor costs are limited to their time donated and use of their equipment.  Exhibitors recognize that this event is an opportunity for them to work with their public and private industry partners to promote the construction industry.  Most important is their interaction with students – their future workforce -- to educate them about specific job requirements and the skills they will need to succeed.

We look forward to you joining us at this year’s restructured program that provides an innovative and intense one-day learning experience for students seeking engineering and construction careers.  We are also grateful to all who contribute to making this event a continued success.

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